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EXCLUSIVE: Spaceship Takes All of California’s Water

I was kinda hoping to go snowboarding this winter, but I think the “others” took all our moisture? Original photo is from this article and was taken by Rich Pedroncelli, Associated Press. The original photo reminds me of Colie Wertz’s … Continue reading

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Terminators Vs Transformers

Fresh off the presses, the inside scoop for next summer’s blockbuster: I’m directing a Terminators Vs Transformers movie!!! And here is our teaser poster: bookmark with:

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Where do all the cut off heads go?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cut someone’s head off in a family photo? I seem to have stumbled across the answer today. I swear I didn’t crop this photo. bookmark with:

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Full Contact Compositing!

What happens when you stay up all night on the night of a show deadline? Full Contact Compositing! Thats why I needed my motorcycle helmet while I was sitting at my desk – it is a pretty dangerous time in … Continue reading

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If your personal life had an HR department…

If you had to actually do paperwork to go on a date, this might be what you’d have to fill out. This cuts through all the hogwash that is those dating websites and gets down to the points you really … Continue reading

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