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Back in the land of grapes.

Last weekend I stayed at Northstar Resort in Truckee, CA. I took the dogs for a hike on Saturday, and went biking on Sunday. They were having a race on Sunday, so that was pretty cool to see. I wanted … Continue reading

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What Burning Man means to me.

Since the Man burnt at Burning Man last night, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on it. I chose not to go to Burning Man this year. I decided to go on this road trip and see some … Continue reading

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Sawtell Peak

Yesterday I climbed Sawtell Peak on my mountain bike, which overlooks Henry’s Lake. I started at an elevation of 6400′ and climbed to the peak which is at 9900′! This 10 mile uphill climb started out peaceful and gradual, but … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Sun Valley

I have to say bravo to the publicity people who have worked for Sun Valley, specifically Steve Hannigan and those who have followed since. Sun Valley is not much more than desert, mountains, condos, ranches, and a river. Now mind … Continue reading

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Wha? Wha? Whaaaat?

This weekend was great for mountain biking! The sun was shining. The sky was clear. The temperature was not to hot and not to cold. I had a great friend to ride with. I had my photoshoot for the cover … Continue reading

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