Kohsan Road Delicacies

During our stay in Bangkok we found that street food was mostly better and less expensive than the brick and mortar establishments on the other side of the street. Outside the Sawadsee Smile Guest House, one vendor made the best red curry dishes and had fresh coconuts. After trying several other places I kept wanting to go back to them. A cheerful smile and great food in a shady  lower traffic location made for a great dining experience. For around 30 Baht or 1 US you could get a red curry with chicken dish that was the perfect size: not to much food, but just enough to feel full. We tried a different place that had great ambient techno and great atmosphere, lighting, and decoration, but was 3 times the price and not better food! Along our explorations of other cuisines and street foods we found almond waffles, fried sweet potatoe balls, chicken on a stick, pad thai, and many other tasty things. Below is a video of the more exotic foods that was tried: Bombay Locusts!

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