Puff Piece

So I guess now that I’ve written more than 5 blog posts, I feel like I am a professional journalist. I think 2 people have read all of my posts, so I’m doing better than most bloggers. As most journalists have to do many times in their career, its time to write my puff piece.

My Puff Piece:

Puff Piece (small)
Click on the picture above for a closer look.

Aren’t those clouds beautiful? Orange and Pink and Purple set against a great light Blue sky.
Sunsets rock! If you don’t step outside and away from your computer and tv at least once a week and watch the sunset… and I mean WATCH. Don’t talk on the phone or talk to whoever is siting next to you or your neighbors – invite them to watch, but don’t get distracted. Watch the colors change and remember how special that sunset is, because that cloud pattern and shift in colors will never be exactly the same again.

Time to digress:

I’m sick of the ‘news’. The news is all about death and taxes. The news is all about power, corruption, deceit, and greed. The news ‘highlights’ the rapes, accidents, and other problems in the world. Why can’t the news take a clue from Tree Hugger and NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day and focus on positive news?!! I tend to read many tech blogs like Slashdot and Daring Fireball, because I like gadgets and they tend to not have downers like death and taxes.

You know what good news is? “The sun is setting! Come outside quick or you’ll miss it!” That is the news I love to hear. If you ever go to Burning Man out in the Black Rock Desert… and you’ve been dancing all night and you start to hear 48,000 people start to cheer…. it is the sun rising from the west – yes it rises from the west out there because you can see the curvature of the earth, you can see so far that you’re actually watching the sun set in Dubai. That my friend is especially good news, because if the sun doesn’t rise… no no wait, I almost said something bad… see how easy it is to slip into that crack – don’t do that!

Good Luck!

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