Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

On the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Burn on the Bayou is now available on the iTunes Store!

See what happens when a group of volunteers come together, whose only commonality is a music and art festival in the desert, and the impact they make in the wake of a truly horrible disaster. This is truly about taking the spirit that is nurtured at Burning Man and taking it “off playa” and back into the community.

Burn On The Bayou

View Burn on the Bayou in iTunes!

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EXCLUSIVE: Spaceship Takes All of California’s Water

cali drought 2014

I was kinda hoping to go snowboarding this winter, but I think the “others” took all our moisture?

Original photo is from this article and was taken by Rich Pedroncelli, Associated Press.

The original photo reminds me of Colie Wertz’s concept art. Click on the image to see more of his work.

Colie Wertz's concept art

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Where have I been hiding?

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been doing some traveling and will post some pictures soon.

I’ve just cut together my latest compositing demo reel, so enjoy that and I’ll post pictures from Australia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, and Mongolia soon!

Compositing Reel 2013 from NZane Productions on Vimeo.

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Wellington Zoo Animal Portraits

This gallery contains 8 photos.

I was able to visit the Wellington Zoo and the animals that were visible seemed to be posing for their portraits! bookmark with:

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Prince Charles and Peter Jackson share a laugh

Prince Charles and Peter Jackson share a laugh inside the Weta Workshop with Mark Hadlow, who is wearing the Dori costume from the upcoming movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. Prince Charles was on a tour of Weta Workshop for his birthday while in New Zealand. More pictures are available here: Prince Charles visits Weta Workshop.

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